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PCB Circuit Design Training in Delhi is organized by DRASTI . DRASTI is a leading Industrial training institute in Delhi. We provide most learning environment for major technical course at affordable price. The best PCB Circuit Design training institute in Delhi offers the best technical IT training for the regarding course. We provide basic and advanced level PCB Circuit Design Training in Delhi with proper practically knowledge. At DRASTI , PCB Circuit Design Training is offered by industry experts having 8-10 Yrs. ofexperience.

Section 1: Introduction to PCB designing concepts

  • What is PCB
  • Difference between PWB and PCB
  • Types of PCBs
  •           -Single Sided (Single Layer)
  •           -Multi-Layer (Double Layer)
  • PCB Materials

Section 2: Component introduction and their categories

  • Active Components
  •           -Diode
  •           -Transistor
  •           -MOSFET
  •           -LED
  •           -SCR
  •           -Integrated Circuits
  • Passive Components
  •           -Resistor
  •           -Capacitor
  •           -Inductor
  •           -Transformer
  •           -Speaker/Buzzer

  • Through Hole Packages
  •           -Axial lead
  •           -Radial Lead
  •           -Single Inline Package(SIP)
  •           -Dual Inline Package(DIP)
  •           -Transistor Outline(TO)
  •           -Pin Grid Array(PGA)
  • Through Hole Packages
  •           -Metal Electrode Face(MELF)
  •           -Leadless Chip Carrier(LCC)
  •           -Small Outline Integrated Ciruit(SOIC)
  •           -Quad Flat Pack(QPF) and Thin QFP (TQFP)
  •           -Ball Grid Array(BGA)
  •           -Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier(PLCC)

Section 3: Detailed description to development tools

  • Brief Introduction
  • Types of pcb Laminate used
  • Description of PCB Layers
  • Knowledge of component footprint,vias,tracks,padstack
  • Schematic making
  • Component making
  • PcbLayout designing
  • Schematic to pcb conversion
  • Schematic from Pcb(Reverse)

  • Brief Introduction
  • Pcb layer analyzing
  • DRC check
  • PCB penalization
  • Gerber generation
  • Constraints of Pcb manufacturing
  • PCB complete manufacturing knowledge
  •           -Screen/photo printing
  •           -Pcb printing,Etching,legend printing
  •           -Drilling
  •           -Routing

Section 4 : Lab practice

  • PCB Designing of Basic and Analog Electronic Circuits
  • PCB Designing of Power Supplies
  • PCB Designing of Different Sensor modules
  • PCB Designing of Electronics Projects
  • PCB Designing of Embedded Projects

  • Making the schematic of Academic and Industrial projects
  • PCB Designing of these projects
  • Soldering and Desoldering of components as per Design
  • Testing and Troubleshooting Methods

Section 5 : Project work and documentation

  • Description of Project Development Process
  • Project Discussion & Allotment
  • Synopsis Making & Submission
  • Practice of De-Soldering & Soldering
  • Introduction to Hardware Techniques
  • Project Completion
  • Detailed Project Report Submission
  • Final Project PPT

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