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    DRASTI Insitute embarked on a journey to the gateway of extensive experience in development and training of embedded system and VLSI technology in 2009 with the core aim of equipping students with professional skills essential to becoming pioneers in these technologies. We have produced countless pioneers, who have comprehensive capabilities and unparalleled knowledge in the spectrum of embedded and VLSI System.

    The tapestry of talented academicians and trainers are chosen selectively, who brought repute to DRASTI Institute by designing and updating the training courses. They have updated knowledge, hands-on experience in the development of embedded and VLSI system as well as an understanding of today's demands or needs of industry. They train students in micro-controller based hardware, Operating System level applications development and state of the art technologies of embedded system and VLSI.

    We have introduced training courses, which are customized to meet the international standards. Our rigorous endeavor has touched many milestones and these are appreciated globally.

    Our cutting-edge training in embedded and VLSI system has inculcated skills of Embedded System, Linux, and robotics, etc. in fresher and working professionals. All these skills are proved vitals whenever a candidate wishes to catch the eyes of recruiters

    There is continuous growth in demand for qualified engineers over the years and it is expected that it will remain in demand forever.

    Our concerted efforts have helped recruiters to recruit quality candidates. We believe that our courses will instill confidence and qualities in our trainees so that they will get valued placement opportunities in top MNCs.

    We genuinely love these technologies - so we can quickly understand and provide quick response to your queries when you discuss these with us.



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